our consept

7 billion people are living on earth,
but no one has the same face, body and character.
Still, our looks tend to be categorized.
Why ?
Ready-made clothes cover our originality.
Don’t conceal your identity, express it with fashion.
Everyone should enjoy expressing individuality effortlessly.
Now, analog craftsmanship has been innovated by digital technology.
We aspire to make the world where each of us can optimize our individuality
through our own clothes.

“もっと自分らしく” ”もっと簡単に” ファッションを楽しんでほしい
our mission

CDL was established by Digital Fashion Co., Ltd. Technology
whose roots are traced to TOYOBO Co., Ltd.

Our goal is “Fashion On Demand” which allows us to get fashion exactly as we want it,
with short lead times and reasonable prices.
To make “Fashion On Demand” achievable, we are introducing completely new solution.
We call this, “B to i business”. “B to i” means “Business to individual”.
We treat customers as precious individuals not as a portion of the consumer market.

For production,
“Couture Digital System” strongly supports job-order production.
“Digital Fashion Material Data Base” gives us a perfect digital representation
which crosses the boundary between real and virtual.

For sales,
“Real Collection System” works closely together with our own individual data
and connects to production background.

For the future of “Fashion On Demand”,
CDL cultivates human resources to bring out “Digital Fashion Creators”.

“The Fashion Revolution” is coming.

消費者をConsumer ではなく、INDIVIDUAL と捉えFASHION ON DEMAND を実現し、
B to i ビジネスモデル(個人が求めるFashion を適正な価格で短期間に提供)を確立します。
CDL は、B to i ビジネスモデルを確立するため、
生産背景側には、個別受注生産対応のためのCOUTURE DIGITALE SYSTEM 及び
販売側には、個別受注データを生産背景に連携するためのREACOLLE SYSTEM を
提供するとともに、Fashion On Demand を支えるDigital Fashion Creator を育成します。
digital fashion